At Goin Native headquarters

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11:00AM, Dr. Leon Baginski

How native plants create a haven for local wildlife

Dr. Leon will be speaking on the use of native plants to attract butterflies and other pollinators and to create a haven for local wildlife. The use of ‘California friendly’ plants is unfortunately a misnomer since California friendly only refers to water use. To be truly California friendly you need to incorporate all of what California is about and that includes butterflies and other insects, birds and even reptiles.

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12:00PM, Susie Vanderlip

Monarch Butterfly Citizen Scientist

Author of the children’s book, The Story of Chester, the Monarch Caterpillar/Larva.

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2:00pm, Mike Evan, 2019 Horticulturist of the year for Southern California Horticulture Society

California Native Butterfly Habitats

Listen to Mike speak on how to create a thriving butterfly garden with native plants!



At Los Rios Park

10:30am, marianne taylor

Butterfly Gardens at Los Rios Park

11:30am, Anne Salas

Butterfly Gardens at Los Rios Park

12:30am, Carolyn Schneider

Butterfly Gardens at Los Rios Park


1:00pm, Live Butterfly release

Flutter down to the Los Rios Park to watch the live butterfly release!

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