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Garden Lecture

Gardening can be more enjoyable when you get others to join in the fun. Your new garden buddies could even be your neighbors turning your home gardens into growing conversations and commodities.

Come meet a neighbor and listen how she created community with her home front garden.

Join us for this FREE lecture Saturday, February 16th at 10am at the Goin Native headquarters. 

“Garden of the gods; How home fronts create community”

Somewhere along the line, we went from desiring the bountiful, ambrosia filled gardens of the gods to legally banishing visible edibles because some said growing food is unsightly.  Along the way, we lost our communities and turned our homes into commodities. Closed off from the life around us, we get delivered stealthily from our cars into our garages and in our homes, where we are safe from even saying hello to a neighbor. 

But we are hungry. 

And our homefronts can once again delightfully feed us physically, aesthetically, as well our collective need for community. Come listen to how one front yard orchard project is influencing its makers and its neighbors with a surprising amount of interest and interaction that continues to grow. Get ideas on how you can nurture a beautiful home front food garden and watch your sense of community flourish in the process. 

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