Your Other Garden – The One We All Share

This article was written by Ron VAnderhoff for the Roger's Gardens Blog If you are reading this, it’s likely that you have a garden. Maybe a big garden or a small garden. Either way, it’s your garden. But, you have another garden as well; a garden that we share.

Likely, you tend to your garden; planting, watering, pulling weeds, organizing its plants to reflect nature and so on. Occasionally, you stop for a while and admire your garden and the natural wonders it offers.

In your other garden you don’t tend to it. No planting, watering or weed pulling, and you certainly don’t organize its plants in an errant attempt to mimic nature’s beauty. Your other garden is nature.

In southern California, now is the time to stop tending to your first garden for a short while. This is the time to get re-acquainted with your other garden, your bigger garden. Step outside, slow down and examine natures garden; wild, natural and beautiful. It is a perfect garden!

During the past forty years I have nearly spent as much time in nature’s garden as I have in my own, visiting desert washes, mountain meadows and coastal canyons in search of wildflowers and Southern California’s raw, organic beauty. During the past few years, through my role with the California Native Plant Society, I have organized and led of dozens of native plant and wildflower field trips all over the county. I’ve been literally everywhere in Orange County’s wild spaces, cataloguing flowers and plants.

Here are three of my favorite local places to see spring’s floral beauty. Each is different. Like any three gardens, each has its own personality and unique offerings. Don’t delay, now is the time to visit nature’s garden, your other garden...