Why Does California Let Billions Of Gallons Of Fresh Water Flow Straight Into The Ocean?

This article was written by Michael Zakaras and first found on Forbes If you’ve been paying attention, you know that California is in the midst of a severe multi-year drought. Earlier this month, Governor Jerry Brown, standing on a dry Sierra meadow that’s normally buried under many feet of snow this time of year, made an historic announcement requiring mandatory 25% reductions in water use statewide.

But what if the state is missing an enormous opportunity to make a dent in the drought and become more resilient to inevitable future ones?

Enter Andy Lipkis, social entrepreneur and founder of Tree People, the Los Angeles-based NGO that’s transforming the urban landscape in L.A. and pushing for creative, cost-effective solutions to California’s growing water problem.

I caught up with Andy recently and asked him to shed some light on the current drought, explain the potential of rainwater harvesting, and give us all a dose of optimism during these dire drought days...

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