Water less~ Save Money

?As our California drought continues and we're being asked as citizens to reduce our use, you can save money and your plants with these measures.

Did you know plants fare better with watering less often but with longer duration. A 1,000 sq ft lawn (normal) that is a watered for 10 min once a day with traditional sprinklers will use about 8400 gallons per month. If the lawn is watered for 20 minutes twice per week, the water use will be about 4800 gallons per month. Wow! Thats a 43% reduction and savings to you. More water can be saved by switching from traditional spray heads to more water efficient MP-Rotators. Save even more money and time by creating a California friendly garden by losing the lawn. Ask me how. Write me @ goinnative@gmail.com or call 949 606-6386. Marianne