Tricolored Blackbird Colony at Risk

?Tricolored Blackbird Colony at Risk By Meghan Hertel

Roughly 24 hours ago, we sent an appeal to you requesting immediateassistanceto save a Tricolored Blackbird colony at risk of being harvested.Thank you so much for responding and forsupporting Tricolored Blackbirds. The outpour of donations and encouragement has been overwhelming and inspiring!When bird lovers like you get together, you really can make the world a better place for birds.

I have some good news to share, the dairyman has agreed to delay his harvest another week in order for all parties to work out an agreement. Inother words- we have nearly saved this colony (but we are not done yet!). Butyour involvement will be felt beyond this colony. California and Federal decision makersnow know that when Audubon gets involved they need to listen. Your involvement today will mean Audubon can save more birds tomorrow.

This emergency hasn't distracted us from the goals of our Tricolored Blackbird conservation plan. We are still engaging otherfarmers to help save additional coloniesas the breeding season begins;we are still raising money to create a fund that can be on-hand for the next emergency;and we are still trying to prevent the birds from using agriculture by creating natural wetland habitat. We will keep you updated on our efforts to save this bird.

Together we can save this bird from extinction.

Thank you for being a bird hero today!

Warm regards,

Meghan Hertel

Working Lands Program Director