Trap Crops

This article was written by Liz Forsythe and first appeared on Green Thumb in the News

Before we know it, it will be autumn, a time to contemplate what direction in which we wish to move in our gardening efforts. As gardeners, we should all resolve to move towards a healthier, more fruitful method of gardening, one that not only will increase our health, but also that of the planet. Even if we have moved past the time to plant some of the suggestions listed below, it is never too early to plan for the next year’s crop.

In past articles we have discussed the differences between organic and biodynamic methods of containing pests in the garden. There is a method that we shall address here that is even more planet-friendly, and that is companion planting, or employing “trap crops” in your gardens. These are plants that attract the bad guys, pull them away from the produce plants, allowing you to then hand-pick them or destroy the lure plant...