This Warehouse Lab Shows How We Can Grow Plants Underground

2626This article was written by Julia Lull and Arpita Aneja and first appeared in Time

Can pineapples grow in Manhattan? Yes. Yes they can

Dan Barasch and James Ramsey, the cofounders of the Lowline, have been working since 2011 to build the world’s first underground park inside an abandoned trolley terminal in New York City’s Lower East Side.

For the next five months, Barasch and Ramsey will be showcasing the park’s potential at the Lowline Lab, located in a warehouse on the Lower East Side.

The Lowline Lab contains an installation of Ramsey’s innovative solar technology, which funnels sunlight from rooftops in the area into the warehouse at an intensity that is strong enough to support plant life. The lab houses some 3,500 plants, including mosses, ferns, herbs, and even strawberries and a miniature pineapple.

Over the next few months, the Lowline and its partners, including the Brooklyn Botanic Garden, will conduct experiments and test the plants to see how successfully they grow in the faux underground conditions. The results will be used to directly inform the horticultural landscape of the future Lowline park...