Why the definition of sustainability must change

Sustainability is an emerging buzzword that's had a positive impact on the way businesses operate.  But what exactly does it mean and has that changed?  Japman Bajaj thinks that despite it being used as marketing jargon, there have been encouraging signs of progress.  Investment portfolios are now looking on sustainability as an asset to be gathered not a liability to be offset.  There are large corporations out there that are willing to take a critical look at their sustainability from a global perspective.  They are evaluating strengths and weaknesses and sharing with others in the hopes that sustainability and business priorities merge. Bajaj presents a future where investors make a commitment to social development through investitures and divestitures, honest and open financial reporting to highlight legitimate corporate social impact, and a better language to describe the connection between sustainability and financial return.

It's a great article, be sure to read the whole thing!