The Most Important Soil Amendment No One Ever Talks About

This article was written by Ellen Galvin and first appeared on Growing A Greener World The secret to growing healthy and nutritious food begins with the soil.

Naturally healthy soil contains billions of living microorganisms—from bacteria to nematodes, fungi, protozoa, arthropods and earthworms. Together, they join in a carefully choreographed “bacterial ballet” in which each organism has a specific role to play, from the recycling of nutrients to the decomposition of organic materials.

Yet organic matter is only part of the story.

While compost is a key component of healthy soil structure, no amount of organic matter can make up for mineral deficiencies. Missing minerals are just that—missing. The end result is poor and infertile soil.

Moreover, minerals that are missing from the soil are minerals that are missing from the fruits and vegetables that it produces...