Seductive Summer Succulents

Summer is here & just in time to get your gardens ready for succulents. Succulents are seductive with their textures, colors and shapes.When added in the garden,succulents create a beauty that is beyond words.

Aeoniums,Agave, Aloe,Echeveria, & Sedum these are beginning bones to your new drought tolerant garden. How to get started? Find a location. Look for a showy area in your yard by a door or plant in an container on a patio where you'd like to create your new garden ( succulents like to impress a crowd)

Take these five mentioned plant names to your local garden center and locate the plants that attract your eye the most. All these plants come in a variety of color, shapes, sizes and textures from glossy to mat to fuzzy.Be sure to purchase a hand

shovel, gloves and cactus mix. Knowing the space you want to design, place your biggest or tallest plant and arrange in the back add the next sizes with the sedum as the ground cover. Arrange the plants in their pots until your eye likes the

positions you've placed the plants. Designing with pots be sure to add hanging succulent "Dondo" EcheveriaThink odd numbers of plants for the best design Once you have decided placement, start digging your holes, add your cactus mix and get

planting plant.Warm and dry temperatures helps establish the root system. Give them a little drink of water and some fertilizers to get them on their way. Finish your garden projects with rocks,D/G, gravel or seashells along the base. This will hide

the remainder of the cactus mix and give your creation a polished look. For more great design suggestions check out Succulent Designer and Author Debra Baldwins, latest book, "Succulents Simplified."