Salon Zinnia’s day at Goin Native Gardens

Salon Zinnia, that fabulous San Clemente hair salon and stylish boutique, selected Goin Native Gardens as the location for their latest “team building” event. What is a team-building event you might ask? It is a time for co-workers to meet away from their shop or office to do something non work-related while getting to know one another in a different setting.

These creative folks assembled succulent container gardens and a few opted for nutritious herb pots. Marianne and Janet were on hand for design guidance and to relay the ease and delight of succulents or to suggest concocting a scrumptious mojito from a home-grown variety of mints.

If you would like the recipe for “Julie’s Sangria,” the delicious beverage served to all the SZ gals, we have Julie’s permission to share it with you. Take a peak at our “Recipe” section.

Thanks Salon Zinnia. We had fun and, from the smiles in these pictures, we think you did too.