Reuse and Recycle

Wanting to make your Holiday gifts more personal this year? Need a unique Hostess or Teacher’s gift? Goin Native is coming to your rescue. Our creative team of plant designers will teach you how to create the perfect succulent gift using items you may have stashed away in your home or garage!

Search the back corners of your kitchen cabinets, look in your kids’ junk box in the garage, or check under your kid’s bed. You might find some gems waiting for a new life as a planter filled with vibrant succulents. We’ve used rain boots, teapots, Marianne’s mother’s colander, children’s boots, a sports helmet (the holes provide great drainage) …the possibilities are endless.

If nothing strikes your fancy, visit your local thrift store. You bring the containers. We’ll provide the potting mix, succulents and know-how. See the schedule for more information.