November CA Native of the Month: Matilija Poppy

?If the drought and warm weather has you frustrated with some of your typical garden plants and you are considering going with more native plants, you are in luck because November is the best month to plant California native plants! Our pick of the month: MatilijaPoppy, pictured.

Just remember that not all native plants are drought tolerant and some are so sensitive to any water in the summer that they do not adapt well to being mixed in with other garden plants. So it is wise to do some homework or make a trip to a nursery that specializes in California natives to avoid setting yourself up for even more frustration.

Although it may seem like a native plant would be one that is easy to grow, some of them are very difficult to transplant. Think about how diverse California is and how different the soils and microclimate can be from one city to the next and you will understand why native plant requirements can be so specialized.

But once the right plant is in the right place, it can be beautiful, carefree and worth the initial work to make sure it is a well-established feature in your yard.