My Must-Have Garden Tools

This article was written by Jennifer smith and first appeared in Horticulture Magazine

I learned quickly to be selective with the garden tools I use as a Landless Gardener. I park my car across the street from the short flight of stairs that takes me to my gardens. The trek is just long enough that I don’t want to carry too much or take multiple trips (unless I am bringing in plants, of course).

List of tools I gladly carry into the park to garden:

Camera– Great for record keeping and sharing the evolution of the gardens with friends.

Lawn bag: Each year I buy a new collapsible lawn bag for about $12. Since I drag it over cement on the way to the compost pile, it gets pretty beat up. It holds a ton of garden waste, and each year it is the one new ‘tool’ I treat myself to.

Cobrahead: I have had this Cobrahead for over five years. I weed, plant, edge and fluff compacted soil and mulch with this tool. Even when I was working with the parks as a gardener, and had a motorized cart to carry all the tools I could want, this was my #1 go-to tool.