Monday Morning Gardening: What Do We Garden For?

After a harried week at the office, I was preparing for a Friday night of running errands to be ready for various classes and meetings that were coming up over the weekend.  A late afternoon text message from my co-collaborator in our programs brightened up my afternoon.  She had been out and about and completed my to-do list, thereby leaving me breathing room. I sent a quick reply of “thank you, now I can go home and have a drink!” which was met with “go home, admire your tomatoes and sweet peas and take a moment to relax”. I wasn't surprised at her response, but it did make me think- I rush through the garden and I really can’t remember the last time I sat and just enjoyed.  A visit these days is usually with hose in hand to make sure that everything has water or with clippers to clean up fading foliage.  But there comes a time when we should really do what we were meant to do in the garden... ENJOY!  Breathe in the fresh fragrant air, notice the quiet activity that the birds, bees and other creatures who do spend time in your garden are partaking in.  Isn’t this why you built a garden?  Well that, and to have an endless supply of tomatoes!!

We know that the dog days of summer are not the time to be planting and doing back breaking labor.  Now is the time to sit down, relax, and, yes, enjoy a well-deserved break- whether it be from the kids, work or just life in general.   And I did take her advice, I went home sat in the backyard, enjoyed the evening, but won’t lie, did have one margarita.  But instead of lamenting my week, I toasted to the success of surroundings!

About the Author

Laurie Menosky has been in the UCCE Master Gardener program since 2007.  During this time she has taken her love of gardening from a level of modest interest to an all out passion. She has enjoyed learning more about growing edibles in the past few years, even though our ocean-side living often proves to be a challenge.  She enjoys working with other volunteers to help people understand simple and confident ways to incorporate gardening into even the smallest spaces.  Bringing a love of gardening to children is also so important and Laurie is proud that her grandchildren are enthusiastic gardeners.