Monday Morning Gardening: What's Up With Vertical Gardening?

Have you ever noticed that there is always a new “fad” that takes the world by storm? (Need I say Pokemon GO?) Well, it happens in the gardening world too.  And while some of those fads can be a bit amusing, (Did you know that there is actually a Naked Gardening Day?) some of them dig in and hold on and become a part of the gardening world and we wonder, “Was there a time when we DIDN’T do this?” Vertical gardening is one of those “fads” that should be here to stay.  While in the 50’s and 60’s houses were built on sprawling lots, and a beautiful garden was a given, today’s world has smaller and smaller spaces and people that live in condo’s and townhomes want to garden too.  So along comes vertical gardening to help those who have big garden dreams, but don’t have the space.

On August 20th, Master Gardener Joan Whithorne will be giving a FREE presentation at Reata Park and Event center to giving you great information on taking your garden “vertical”.  Whether you or someone you know has a living space that doesn't accommodate their love of gardening, this is the class for you!  Joan will talk about the special needs of plants that are living in an environment that are more exposed to the elements and how to meet those needs without breaking the bank (or your back)!  Get ideas on how to design your up, up and away garden or just come and share ideas with people that have done it or want to do it.

So the next time that you think that you are out of space and you just don’t know what to do, don’t despair, look up and remember, vertical gardening is much more forgiving than exposing your garden on National Naked Gardening Day!

About the Author

Laurie Menosky has been in the UCCE Master Gardener program since 2007.  During this time she has taken her love of gardening from a level of modest interest to an all out passion. She has enjoyed learning more about growing edibles in the past few years, even though our ocean-side living often proves to be a challenge.  She enjoys working with other volunteers to help people understand simple and confident ways to incorporate gardening into even the smallest spaces.  Bringing a love of gardening to children is also so important and Laurie is proud that her grandchildren are enthusiastic gardeners.