Lose the Lawn ..Get a Rebate

?Southern Californians can see big bucks back in their pockets by removing their lawns. Installing drought -tolerant plants or artificial turf will lessen the the water burden for the State and give money back for the homeowners.The Metropolitan Water District of Southern California , a consortium of cities and water districts that provide water to nearly 19 million people, is offering rebates to customers who remove their lawns. The water district doubled its rebate rate in May to $2 per square foot to customers who remove their lawns and replace with drought tolerant plants or artificial lawns. Check with your city to see if you qualify for the landscape rebate program. Los Angeles County residents will see rebates of $3 per square foot.

Drought tolerant landscaping is gradually gaining momentum due to the fact that the Governor Jerry Brown declared a drought emergency this past January.The rebate may not cover the complete cost of labor, equipment and plant costs for the new makeover- average about $7 to $13 per square foot- but residents will enjoy the lasting effects on their water bills, reduction on gardening services and increase of butterflies and birds in their environment.

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