Water Bills Will Creep up Next Year in L.A. Because We've Conserved so Much

Under orders to slash their water use in the fourth year of a statewide drought, Los Angeles residents and businesses have largely risen to the challenge. But this week, Los Angeles Department of Water and Power officials said that because its customers have done such a good job saving, the agency is short on revenue.

To help fill in the gap, the Board of Water and Power Commissioners approved a pass-through charge that will require an average customer to pay about $1.80 more a month, beginning in 2016.

“We have no other way of recovering the revenue to maintain the system for our customers,” Neil Guglielmo, director of budget, rates and financial planning for the DWP, said Wednesday.

The DWP fell about $111 million short of its revenue projection in the fiscal year that closed this summer, in part because Los Angeles residents and businesses reduced their water consumption about 10% more than expected, officials said...

This article was originally written by Matt Stephens and Alice Walton and first appeared in the LA Times