Indoor & Outdoor Water Saving Tips

?It's time to watch our water consumption Californians, there are many ways to start conserving at home and in the garden.

Did you now that 70% of our water is used for landscaping purposes? Lets look at some easy ways to start outdoors.

Just by changing your sprinkler timer to early morning or late evening as well as reducing a 10 minute cycle to 5 minute cycles will lower your water use and cost.

Don't let your sprinkler heads water the asphalt and never wash down your driveway, use a broom and burn extra calories.

GO Native! Lose the Lawn.Check with your city for turf removal. There are incentive programs for removing the turf.Get started by taking a beautiful drive on Ortega Highway to Tree of Life Nursery in San Juan Capistrano.

TOLN has the largest selections of CA Native Plants, teaching DIY weekend classes on how to remove the lawn, design, plant, irrigate and maintain a drought tolerant garden.You are helping the environment and beneficial insects

by introducing these California friendly plant such as Sages,Buckwheat,Wild Lilac,Manzanita, Deer Grass,Milkweed and Poppies.

Inside the house, put a timer on your showers,only run full loads of dishes & laundry,install high efficiency toilets,install low-flow shower-heads, don't let water run down the drain while brushing teeth or shaving.

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