How Green Is Your College?

This article first appeared on The Healthy Home Economist and was written by Sarah I spent time this past weekend visiting my beloved alma mater, Furman University (Go Paladins!). I hadn’t been back since my 10 year college reunion, so needless to say, there were a lot of changes for me to catch up on. As we drove around campus checking out all the new facilities, I was startled to notice two huge solar panels across the road from the soccer stadium which apparently powered at least part of the science building. This was my first clue that something very near and dear to my heart was happening.

As we drove out the back gate to the golf course to check out the big improvements to the practice facility since I graduated, I noticed a community farm that, by the looks of it, apparently followed organic and sustainable practices.

My biggest surprise came when my son and I were walking through the beautifully renovated cafeteria overlooking the 40-acre Furman lake and bell tower.

Prominently displayed at the entrance, was the huge board pictured above.

I could barely believe my eyes!  My college had indeed gone green!