5 Tips for a Greener Christmas

For all the joys of Christmas, it’s not exactly kind to the planet. It seems like we use enough wrapping paper to fell a whole rainforest, and the electricity consumption through December must be astronomical. It’s important that at this time of year we think of new ways to be kinder to the planet. All the festivities can be preserved, just with a little less wastefulness. Here are some helpful ways for you to cast a smaller environmental shadow this Christmas.

Buy Local, Buy Less

The environmental impact of all those new toys and gadgets aside, there is a huge impact on shipping them across the world. Instead of going to buy Chinese imported gadgets and items from far-flung places, consider trying to source your gifts from local producers. Traditionally crafted items make great gifts, have a far smaller environmental impact, and do your local economy good.

Additionally, you should take stock of how many presents you really need to buy. The volume of the gifts you give doesn’t equate to how much you care. Be thoughtful about what you buy, and you’ll find the recipient is just as grateful for one great gift as they would have been for a mountain of small, thoughtless gifts...

This article was written by Ruth Barton and first appeared on Mother Earth News