First Workshop was a Wonderful Success

Our Students Gave us an “A+”

September 26th was a glorious, sunny day – perfect for Goin Native’s kickoff workshop: Lose the Lawn. What an auspicious beginning to welcome Jeff Bohn, co-owner of the renowned Tree of Life Nursery, as our first guest speaker.

Jeff wove his personal stories about his love of native plants and the wildlife they invite with the practical lessons of how to get rid of your water-guzzling grass. He offered several options and ended with the easiest and most effective way. If you would like to learn how, another Lose the Lawn class is being offered January and February 2010. Check our class schedule for more information.

Marianne had all the students digging in the dirt as she demonstrated the best methods for planting natives. The Monarch butterflies were in profusion as the newly-planted Asclepias (milkweed) sent out the message that dinner was served.

Lots of take-home information was provided. Janet and Marianne did what they do best: laughed, shared gardening tips, enjoyed the day and were humbly grateful for all who attended Goin Native’s fist adventure. Thanks to all who supported and shared in this day.