Fall Gardening: Four Surprising Mistakes You're Making

This article was written by Daryl Beyers and first appeared on Martha Stewart Autumn is all about preparing your plants and the ground for winter. If you don't switch up your technique, you could be doing just the opposite.

Mistake #1: Feeding the plants. Adding fertilizer too late in the season will encourage new growth that may not have time to mature before the temperature drops. These tender additions will almost certainly die with the first frost -- and could bring the rest of the plant down with them. Let your garden play out the rest of the season as-is. Feel free to hit your lawn with a fertilizer high in potassium, though, which will stimulate root growth below the surface.

Mistake #2: Maintaining a consistent watering schedule. The nights should be getting cooler and the days shorter, meaning plants need less water to maintain good health. Let nature take it from here -- slow and then stop supplemental watering as fall approaches...