Edible Tales of Alice, Zilda and Others Who Changed Our Notion of Schoolyard Play … Forever

Ask a Baby Boomer (or, quite frankly, anyone over the age of 30) about their memories of recess in elementary school, and you’ll hear tales of baskets shot, epic “four-square” matches, rotational “next up” baseball games, jumping rope, knees rubbed raw on asphalt while playing jacks, or simply hanging out over by the fence pretending to be cool. And how about all that gardening we did?


But today tending a garden, picking a plump berry, and watching the real fruits of one’s labor grow before your eyes has become part of the schoolyard experience in thousands of schools.

Let’s pause for a moment to pay homage to the visionaries who helped make it happen, and encourage every Wellness Warrior of any age to see to it that the “where food comes from” and “what fresh tastes like” movement is alive and well in your neighborhood...