Don’t Forget to Add the Butterfly Plants

?Why do I Need Both Host & Nectar Plants?

With both host and nectar plants in your garden, you will provide an entire habitat in which your butterflies will call home!

Host plants are eaten by caterpillars. Each butterfly species requires a specific host plant . As an example, monarch caterpillars only feed onmilkweed.

Nectar plantsprovide food, in the form of nectar, to adult butterflies. The flowers of any single nectar plant will attract a variety of butterflies.

The Monarch Butterfly Needs Our Help!

  • Here at Butterfly Encounters we are encouraging everyone to plantmilkweed seedsfor the monarch butterfly. The caterpillar stage of the monarch butterfly feeds on milkweed plants. As land is developed and milkweed populations diminish, the monarch butterflies habitat is lost. We can rebuild this habitat by planting milkweed seeds in our gardens.
  • Save the Date: Eco/XPO May 17 & May 18, 2014 @ the Los Rios Park San Juan Capistrano.
  • Purchase your Butterfly plants and learn more about their habitat at Xpo