Dirt Therapy: Raising Backyard Chickens

Want to add to your already green lifestyle of solar panels, drought tolerant landscapes and rain barrels? Well say hello to the hens but first be sure check with your City regarding Chicken L.O.R.E. (Law and Ordinances & your Rights & Entitlement) before you go any greener. Currently  San Clemente, San Juan Capistrano and Laguna Beach have a "green light" to raise these fine-feathered fowls as long as there are no roosters in the group.

Raising chickens is the next step in true sustainability at home. Farm fresh eggs couldn’t be easier and in abundance right out your own backdoor. The health benefits from growing your own hens is more nutritious, the egg is fresher then store bought, yolk is darker yellow and provide substantially more Vitamin A, E Omega-3 fatty acids less saturated fat and less cholesterol- now that’s something to cluck about!

If you choose to start raising chickens for the delicious meats the taste is simply incredible and free from chemicals and hormones. Chickens are also perfect solutions for naturally fertilizing your garden and a substitute for pesticides eating away all the bad bugs.

What a great learning experience to begin with your kids at any age growing, feeding chicks, and gathering eggs!  Although easy to raise (chickens require little attention other then fresh water, food, and chicken coop) don’t be fooled- going greener can be costly. Depending on your coop design and chickens you purchase, it can get expensive, so do your research and check local poultry purveyors and mypetchicken.com for more online resources.

Want to learn more about raising chickens from the experts?

Join us this weekend Saturday June 25 from 9:30am-11:00am at Reata Park and Event Center in San Juan Capistrano for a FREE class in Raising Backyard Chickens with the UCCE Master Gardeners of OC sharing the latest information from the University of CA on the best techniques in raising chickens without raising cane in your neighborhood. More details follow me at goinnative.net