Designing with Succulents…Thriller, Filler & Spiller

?Succulents are everywhere! Low maintenance,drought tolerant, vibrant, textured and easy to propagate.

When gardening with succulents,think outside the box when selecting a container to use to show off your new plants. Recycle items from your house,

a kitchen colander, rain boot, western boot, baby shoes ,flour sifter, bird bath, lantern, candle holder, pitcher, tea pot, tea cup,

metal vanity tray, mesh basket, wooden pallet,or driftwood. A custom container , adding a favorite succulent, creates a memorable keepsake.

Goin Native has a great selections of 2 " & 4 " succulents to choose from to add to your garden container.

To learn more about designing with succulents sign up for classes on August 11 at Goin Native.

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