CUSD Adult Workability Program and the Los Rios Park

?Join the students and the teachers every Thursday from 8:30am-10:30am at the Los Rios Park to help maintain the butterfly gardens.The park received the certification in 2013 having met the 12 plant requirement set by the North American Butterfly Association. The plants are growing habitats for the endangered Monarch butterfly as well as creating homes for Gulf Fritillary, Yellow and White Sulphur and the Giant Swallow Tail Butterfly. Come for a visit ,become a volunteer, or learn to include these plants in your garden to increase the butterfly population.To see the gardens in bloom , park inside the Los Rios Park and walk towards the Montanez Adobe facing Los Rios Street and watch the butterfly dance begin!. Be sure to visit the many restaurants in the area and shop downtown.Enjoy your day in San Juan Capistrano.