CUSD Adult Workability Program and the Los Rios Park

?CUSD Adult Workability Program and the Los Rios Park.

20 year old Nancy rarely engages in conversation after being at the park these past 7 months , Nancy is now speaking, Tim who had arrived agitated every week,repeating the same phrase over and over every week, no longer is agitated and no longer repeats the same phrase. Evan is showing leadership in the garden, introducing new students to the lead garden volunteer and sharing plant and design ideas for garden improvement.Hunter takes charge of getting the tools ready for the work day and putting them away neatly and back in place.

Gardening is affecting their lives, one by one.Therapeutic Gardening is becoming a mode of helping people connect to their environment and their lives.Recent articles in medical journals throughout the country and the world are coming to the same conclusion, gardening helps calm the mind, spirit and creates a connection between people and their environment.

One hour a week 15-20 special needs adults with their Teacher or an Aid descend at the Los Rios Park in San Juan Capistrano, transforming the garden through their labor and taking with them a sense of self.Goin Native Therapeutic Garden and volunteers are making difference in the CUSD Adult Workability Students lives through encouraging ,praising their behavior and guiding their work to match their abilities. GNTG goal is to reach out to other people groups using the park as the classroom. Nature teaches, calms and redirects our path to a positive disposition.