Citizen Researchers Monarch Tagging Information Class

FREE Information Class on how to become a research tagger for the declining Monarch Butterfly. Presented by Butterfly expert Susie Vanderlip, she will share information from Cal Poly San Luis Obispo researcher Jessica Griffiths to help recruit "Citizen Researchers" to help them in studying the impact of Tropical Milkweed on the lives of California Monarch Butterflies!

Anyone who has milkweed in the yard and is raising Monarchs can participate and help make California Monarch colony strong :)

Thecitizen science research program's 3 components, and you can participate in any/all of them:

1) censusing eggs, larvae and pupae on tropical milkweed. This just involves counting them & filling out a data sheet.

2) sampling freshly eclosed (emerged) monarchs (from pupae from your garden) for the OE parasite. This would involve placing each pupa in its own sterile container, waiting for the monarch to eclose and for its wings to harden (if they harden) and then placing a piece of sticky tape to its abdomen to take a sample. The monarch can be released and the sample gets mailed to a lab. We would provide you with the sampling kit for free. (You can also catch free flying adults and sample them with the sticky tape too.)

3) tagging free-flying adult and/or freshly eclosed (and OE-sampled, if you sample them) monarchs with special tags. Involves catching wild adults or waiting for them to emerge from chrysalises and placing a tag on their underwing. We would provide the tags for free.

To learn more , join us on Saturday April 26 from 9:00am -10:30am inside the Leck House on the property of the San Juan Capistrano Historical Society. 31831 Los Rios Street, San Juan Capistrano.92675. Take the train for convenience! or park and walk at the Los Rios Park.Space limited .
Please RSVP todaygoinnative@gmail.com949 606-6386