Children's Gardening Activites

One of the most rewarding ways to spend an afternoon is gardening with a child. Please understand, I say this even though I don’t have any children of my own yet. For now, I get to borrow them, teach them about digging in the dirt, and hand them back a little messier than I found them. You see, I don’t have to worry about washing their dirty clothes, their muddy footprints on the newly swept floor or making sure they take a shower before dinner; hence, the reason why I LOVE gardening with kids The most important aspect I would suggest to anyone interested in attempting such a feat is to do as my coworker suggests and:

  1. Lead by example. Children learn from us; they copy our behavior, they try to be like us… they can’t help it; it’s all they know. The good thing is we just have to identify a proper form of motivation and they will follow our lead. So, first thing’s first, we’ll have to offer them an incentive, something along the lines of an allowance (this may be the only way to keep them from eating all the blueberry’s while they pick them). Bribes always worked for me as a kid, “a penny a weed pulled is a penny well spent.’” We can feel free to demonstrate the diligence of pulling weeds, the patience of raking the soil, the art of choosing which seeds to plant where, and the joy of harvesting with the utmost confidence that our monetary motivator will do just the trick in having them follow our disciplined lead...
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