Capistrano Dispatch: Eco Garden Expo a Boon to Community

Our very own Alex Choperena wrote a nice letter following Eco Garden Expo 2015.  It highlights how integral Expo is to the San Juan Capistrano community and the movement it has spawned.  We can't wait to build on the momentum at Expo 2016 on April 23 and 24! I would like to voice my support for the continuation of Eco Garden Expo in San Juan Capistrano. Having attracted over 3,000 people for two years in a row, the event can be a boon for local business for years to come. The number of major local event sponsors like Valley Crest, Fluid Masters and more would agree. You can also count the immediate neighboring businesses like Whim, Sundried Tomato, Ruby’s, We Olive, Nest, Las Catrinas and others who felt confident enough to sponsor the event’s program.

This is before taking into consideration the exposure garnered by the local business that participate as vendors each year. Many of the same business who participated the first year were back for the second and many more joined on necessitating creative space use to accommodate a growing exhibition. All of this is an indication of a growing interest and support for the movement that Eco Garden Expo represents.

Regarding that movement, I feel it’s appropriate to disclose that I also volunteer my time as the digital marketing director for Expo. I became involved by being a vendor at the show its first year. During that first year, I saw enough potential to then volunteer my time to help it grow. I, and the volunteers I work alongside, recognize this is an opportunity to help grow something- hopefully in the town that we love...