Butterflies are Free

?Four dozen Monarchs were released in the Los Rios Park on August 1st recognizing the park as a designated Butterfly Sanctuary by the City of San Juan Capistrano.

The garden surrounding the Montanez adobe is home to a variety of butterflies, Monarchs being the main stay.

With the introduction of butterfly plants ,Asclepias currassavica (Milkweed) Budlea, Lionstail & Yarrow the beneficial insect population has doubled.

Beneficial insects like bees, the butterflies are needed to help pollinate the environment. In recent years the worldwide butterfly populations have died off due to pesticides.

Be a part of our garden community and join the Los Rios Garden Angels. Help us maintain the butterfly gardens every Thursday morning from 8:30am -10:30am.

We meet inside the park at the Montanez adobe. First Thursday receive a "Free" lunch at Ramos House cafe for your two hours of work. Must RSVP one before, must be over 18.

More info call Marianne Taylor 949 606-6386