Bella de Paso at Eco Xpo 2014

Eco Xpois a celebration of all things sustainable and local happening right in San Juan Capistrano (SJC), CA. It’s part festival, part education, and part market. It all comes together to form the impetus of what we think will be the wellspring of a new culture and movement.

It’s organized by Goin’ Native, a great local nonprofit here in SJC. For years, they’ve been using gardening as a nexus of education, therapy, and community outreach. The Los Rios district in town is one of the oldest residential neighborhoods in California and has a great park space, called Los Rios Park, filled with lots of native plants. Normally, it might take a fair bit of costly landscaping work to manage the upkeep. But Goin’ Native banded together a steady group of volunteers that has helped the park thrive. They’ve used it as a destination for curious students, a source of employable skill building for the Adult Workability Program, and even built a haven for the rare Monarch butterfly. Read more about themhere.

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