An Eco Garden Expo Treat at Paws in the Garden!

In our post yesterday, we detailed how we had been able to take a tour and pick up some fresh Kale from Alegría Fresh.  We were doing this for our upcoming participation in Paws in The Garden.  Our friends at the Ark animal rescue in San Juan have organized a garden tour here in south Orange County to benefit their mission. Our founder, Marianne Taylor, has a garden that will be a stop along the way.  As a thank you to those participating in Paws, we are planning a few special treats for those that make it to the Goin Native home base.

Our friend, Giuseppina Massari of Massari Foods will be whipping up a delicious Kale Pesto made from the Alegría Kale and extra virgin olive oil from Bella de Paso.  Both Alegría and Bella de Paso will be exhibitors at the upcoming Eco Garden Expo so we're excited to give people a little taste (literally!) of what they can expect at the show.

In addition, we will also be raffling off these great reusable bags for FREE.  They are made from authentic burlap coffee bags from the world over.  Such a cool product and a great way to reduce your waste footprint!  Check out pictures of the Pesto Kale in progress and the giveaway bags.  If you haven't already, sign up for paws using the link below and join Goin Native this Saturday!

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