A Morning With The “Galloping Gourmet” Graham Kerr

?A Morning with the "Galloping Gourmet" came by a pleasant surprise while visiting my son in Mt Vernon Washington.

We were invited for a morning cup of tea at the home to Graham and Treena Kerr. What a lovely Godly couple ...every moment with them was scrumptious!

After reading his latest book "Growing at the Speed of Life", Graham quoted on the cover,

" As the Galloping Gourmet, I cooked just about everything that grows-but I'd never grown a thing I'd cooked."

As I dove in deeper in the book, he expresses his new found passion for gardening and asked his readers to share gardening tips via email.

I've learned in life, if you don't ask you won't receive, so I emailed him asking if he and his wife accept visitors.

Low and behold, he answered back,YES, when can you come over? It's amazing how God works, I happened to be visiting my son in Mt Vernon

which happens to is the Home & Cottage of the Kerr's, over looking the majestic Skagit Valley. (Think Tulips)

What an amazing visit the four of us had, we covered garden, health, sustainability, diabetes,

relationships, stewardship,and our course his time as the most popular daytime TV cooking host in the 1970's.

This Summer Goin Native will introduce many of the garden recipes Graham has created from this book...stand by for further information.