Bug Hunting

Us gardeners can often hear the word bug and cringe a bit.  But the truth is that not all those insects are necessarily pests in the garden.  There are certainly beneficial insects that can help with pollination or even pest control themselves.  To expand this mindset of insects as beneficial, Thomas Christopher of Garden Rant has a friend who has created a habitat specifically designed to encourage insects and has started to identify them one by one.  Check out some of the results below!

9 Tips From Professional Organic Farmers That'll Work Wonders In Your Own Garden

Organic gardening is a great way to go in terms of resource management and environmental impact.  Chances are you don't have a large farm or plot of land but you can still take some good tips from professional organic gardeners.  Fritz Stahlbaum over at Rodale's Organic Garden lists out some of the best advice we can glean from the professionals.  From creating the ideal soil, to watering plans, to battling pests, these are some great ideas you can take into the backyard.