5 Ways To Help Birds

The following is advice from Steve Kaye, former Goin Native Workshop presenter! Here are easy, practical things that you can do to help birds.

Why Birds Matter

Birds are an indicator species.

This means they are more sensitive to changes in their environment than other creatures. Thus, they are the first to show signs of being affected by any changes.

For example, many years ago coal miners took a canary with them into the mine. If the canary died, they knew that dangerous concentrations of methane (an odorless gas) were present.

In our modern world, birds can also alert us to dangers. These include actions we take for granted because everybody seems to be doing them. However, when these actions are practiced on a large, global scale, the results can be devastating for birds, and ultimately for us.

So everything that we do to help birds also helps us.

1) Keep Cats Indoors

Outdoor cats kill more than a billion birds each year. And a house cat is one of the few predators that can catch a hummingbird.

That’s a tragic loss.

Keeping your cat indoors is good for your cat, good for you, and good for birds.

Indoor cats live at least twice as long as outdoor cats.

Outdoor cats are hit by cars, killed (or caught) by neighbors, poisoned by lawn chemicals, and attacked by loose dogs.

They can be poisoned by eating rodents that have eaten poisoned bait.

If you live near a wilderness, cats can be killed by hawks, owls, coyotes, and other predators.

And when you let your outdoor cat come inside, it brings fleas, ticks, and toxic chemicals into your home.

So, keeping your cat indoors helps everybody.

Your cat lives longer. You save money on vet bills. And your home stays cleaner.