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Fall Fest

Our annual fall event that brings fun, food, and family together in a great outdoor setting. Come eat, drink, learn, play, and explore with live bands, food trucks, workshops, and exhibitors!

Wellness Classes

Get fresh inspiration in the fresh air. Join us as we turn parks and gardens into an outdoor classrooms as we connect with ourselves and with each other in nature.

Los Rios Garden Angels

From the beginning, we’ve been committed to giving back to our local community to ensure that all can enjoy the beauty of nature, together.  We believe in the therapeutic power of gardening.  Whatever your experience level, join our Garden Angels in Los Rios Park. Let’s grow together!

Goin’ Healthy

A certificate program that we run in partnership with our local the Boys & Girls Clubs of Capistrano Valley. Its aim is to make students aware of where their food comes from and how to build a healthy lifestyle.  We’re excited to raise the next generation of enthusiasts!

Eco Garden Expo

Our largest annual event held in the spring, we welcome thousands to hands-on workshops, products, resources, and knowledge that helps people and plants thrive together.